Collection: Hot Popcorn

Hot Popcorn

Indulge your taste buds in a sizzling symphony of flavors with our Hot Popcorn by City Pop! Immerse yourself in the fiery fusion of our Jalapeno Cheddar Popcorn, where the zesty kick of jalapenos meets the rich creaminess of cheddar popcorn. Take a bold leap into spice with our Spicy Buffalo Popcorn, an explosion of heat that will leave your senses tingling.

For the daring palate, our Wing Night Popcorn offers the perfect blend of Spicy Buffalo Popcorn and Blue Cheese Popcorn, creating a mouthwatering homage to the classic flavor duo. Embark on a crunchy adventure with our Fried Pickle Popcorn, combining the tang of pickles with the satisfying crunch of popcorn.

Experience the intensity of heat with our Hot Cheese Popcorn, a perfect balance of spice and cheesiness that will keep you coming back for more. Finally, our Jalapeno Ranch Popcorn adds a cool and creamy twist to the heat, creating a harmonious blend that will leave you reaching for another handful. Get ready to elevate your snacking experience with the Hot Popcorn Collection—where every kernel is a burst of flavor that packs a punch!