Popcorn Bag Sizes



Welcome to City Pop – your go-to destination for gourmet popcorn experiences! So, levate your snacking game with our reclosable bags, meticulously crafted to offer convenience and variety. Dive into the world of popcorn delight with our range of sizes, ensuring you find the perfect fit.

Bag Sizes

Mini Bag (3 cups): City Pop's mini bag is a burst of flavor containing 3 cups of popcorn. This is an ideal treat for those on the move or just wants to try some flavors.

Junior Bag (6 cups): Step up your snacking with our junior bag, offering 6 cups of popcorn. Perfect for a cozy movie night or a shared delight.

Small Bag (11 cups): Indulge in our small bag, providing 11 cups of popcorn – the ideal size for individual snacking or sharing with friends.

Medium Bag (36 cups): Hosting a small gathering? City Pop's medium-sized bag with 36 cups ensures everyone gets a generous serving of popcorn goodness.

Large Bag (57 cups): Share the joy with our large bag, featuring 57 cups of mouthwatering popcorn. Ideal for movie marathons and memorable get-togethers.

X-Large Bag (2 x 55 cup bags): Go big with City Pop's X-Large bag – the ultimate choice for sharers, boasting two bags with a total of 136 cups of popcorn delight.

For an unparalleled experience, explore our special party size designed for City Pop's butter and low salt flavors, offering an impressive 275 cups. More importantly, this size steals the spotlight at larger events, celebrations, or whenever you crave the irresistible treats. Additionally, be sure to tag us @citypopdenver or #citypopdenver when serving these treats at your next event. 

City Pop ensures you find the perfect bag size for every snacking occasion, be it a personal treat or a gathering with loved ones. So, make every moment pop with flavor – City Pop, where popcorn dreams become a reality!

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