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Choose a Popcorn Gift Tin Size

Put together a delicious order of gourmet popcorn by choosing  a tin size, design and popcorn flavors. City Pop ® is the perfect gourmet gift for everyone to enjoy. Sales Tax & Shipping Included.

Our Recommendation: We highly recommend shipping your meltable items (Chocolate Flavors) via 2 Business Days or overnight. While City Pop cannot guarantee items will not melt (regardless of shipping method), this expedited service helps to decrease that possibility. Only expedited shipping (which are 2 Business Days or overnight) includes free cold packs.

Click on a Tin Size below to get started building!
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  • Share Size

    Share Size

    Perfect for 1 - 2 people: 1 Gallon. Shipping & Sales Tax Included.
  • Pop 3 Gift Box

    Pop 3 Gift Box

    Recommended for 2 - 4 people. 16 Cups of popcorn. 

  • Traditional Size

    Traditional Size

    Recommend for 2 - 4 people: 2 Gallons. Shipping & Sales Tax Included.
  • Family Size

    Family Size

    Recommend for a group of 5 - 9 people: 3 1/2 Gallons. Shipping & Sales Tax Included.
  • Celebration Size

    Celebration Size

    Great for parties or offices of 10-15 people: 6 1/2 Gallons. 1 Scoop and 15 Serving Bags included! Shipping & Sales Tax Included.