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Licensed Stores

Congratulations on taking the first step to opening your popcorn business by contacting City Pop® for training! We’re glad you’re interested in what we do and we are excited to help fulfill your dreams of owning your own business. City Pop® has built a reputation in Denver by delivering the finest quality popcorn using only the best ingredients. Our popcorn is made from real cheeses, made-from-scratch caramel, and delicious candy-coated popcorn creations. We strive for the best quality and are continually creating new flavors and processes to make our product the best. Testing new flavors and creations is in our DNA; our stores are frequently challenging our customer’s taste buds by creating weekly flavors. Our in-store, hands-on training is conducted in our very own kitchen, in Downtown Denver. At City Pop® you will learn not only how to make our very own successful recipes - but also how to start your business from the ground-up.

We set ourselves apart by offering samples of all seventy flavors which keeps our customers coming back each and every week.  Customer service is our top priority and what makes us stand apart from competitors.

Take a look at us making a delicious batch of Toffee Almond!


Offering the City Pop® Experience

Our Elitch Gardens LocationCity Pop® Licensed Stores allow you to offer customers more than great candy the and handcrafted popcorn they love. From custom store design to robust ongoing support, our Licensed Stores allow you to immerse every customer in the full gourmet popcorn and candy experience. 


  • Creating an experience that exceeds customer’s expectations.
  • Offer the hand-crafted gourmet popcorn recipes that customers know and love.
  • Offer high quality, great-tasting recipes that create lasting customer relationships and increase average ticket sizes
  • Take advantage of continuous product and operation innovation
  • One centralized website with a consistent look and feel to full orders to your customers

What’s included:

  • Unrivaled, customizable store design and consultation
  • City Pop® menu, equipment recommendation, training and support
  • Seasonal promotions
  • Proprietary recipes
  • Exclusive pricing with vendors and suppliers
  • Ongoing expertise, consulting and support including onsite visits

Making delicious and colorful candied popcorn is our specialty!

Start Up Costs

It’s important to know the initial investment required to open a store, as this may be a determining factor as to whether this is the right business for you. Several factors make up the initial investment of opening a gourmet popcorn and candy store. Below is an estimate of what you can expect:


Estimated Cost*

Licensee Investment & Training


Cooking Equipment

$10,000 - $30,000

Kitchen Supplies

$1,500 - $4,000

Retail Area Fixtures & Supplies

$3,000 - $10,000

Tenant Finish

$5,000 - $50,000

Opening Inventory

$7,500 - $12,500

Total Estimated Investment

$42,000 - $121,500

* Estimated Costs depend on the size of the store and products offered.

 Why City Pop®

Your shop will be unique to you, your community and life-style, but carry the City Pop® name and brand for a 6% royalty on sales.  Whether you choose a brick and mortar location or choose to operate from a kiosk, City Pop® will offer you the ability to operate like a small business owner but with the support, experience and branding on your side. 

There is no charge to talk with us about general questions you have on opening a popcorn business by email, telephone, or by visiting our stores. Our in-store, hands-on training is conducted in the heart of Downtown, Denver at our flagship shop featuring over 3,800 sq. ft of popcorn and candy! Training requirements and time include 4 days in Denver then 2 days in your store once you’re ready to open.  However, we are with you through the entire process. 

We’ll teach your how to maximize your profits, assemble gift tins, and display merchandise. You’ll even learn how to offer your customer’s the most for their money and how to provide a great customer experience. Point of Sale training, website ordering, and wholesale options are available too.

City Pop® has been owned and operated by Chris Zettle and Jimmy Stefankiewicz since 2013. Chris, a native of Florida, and Jimmy, a native of Texas, are both graduates from the University of Texas at Dallas. Chris & Jimmy are residents of the City of Denver and take pride in having a business that is locally owned.

What is covered in training?

You’ll be taught popping techniques, how to create made-from-scratch caramels, delicious savory flavors and of course, our fun candied popcorn options.  You’ll receive:

  • A custom-made recipe book with over 70 delicious gourmet popcorn recipes
  • Access to all vendor lists and ingredient suppliers
  • Product knowledge and shelf life
  • Consultation on site selection and store set up
  • Point of Sale Training
  • Product pricing & menu review
  • Gift Tin packaging and pricing
  • Access to all store templates (menus, order sheets, label design, etc.)
  • Shipping and online ordering review
  • Popcorn equipment consultation
  • Practice helping customers, processing payments on the store register, and managing the day to day operations of the store
  • Assistance placing your equipment orders
  • Assistance placing your product and inventory orders

Where can a City Pop® Open?

We're accepting applications for licensee agreements from all 9 of our US Regions!

Looking for international opportunities?  Email us here for more details.  

Our City Pop® Kiosk Program

Perfect for Malls, Stadiums, Airports, Convention Centers, Performing Arts Center, Amusement Park, Entertainment complexes and more!  Ask us about our Kiosk program that perfectly completes the Licensee partnership. Interested in getting started?  Email us here and say hello.  Don't forget to tell us your name and where you are from!  After a brief introduction and phone call, we'll send you a copy of our licensee agreement, terms and conditions and directions with the next steps!  Thank you for taking the time to learn about our licensee program.  We look forward to working with you!